Welcome to my Intentional Serenity Website and this beautiful world of holistic healing. My passion is to bring the message of hope to a suffering world in regards to mental health.

Unfortunately, depression, anxiety, addiction and suicide is at an all time high. 

Our community needs healing, connection, and HOPE now more than ever. At Intentional Serenity, our mission is to provide a compassionate, positive, safe and loving space for hope, healing and connection to thrive.

It is my intention to guide you to positive and healthy solutions for the mind, body and spirit. Together, identifying and removing obstacles will lead us towards a more joyful and purposefully lived life.

Most individuals that come into my life and Intentional Serenity share this same desire to be connected, to be more open, and committed to living an authentic life. Most of us have gotten to this place of knowing through our life experiences. It was the difficult and painful bumps along the road of life that gave us clarity and vision to pursue a different life and more meaningful life. And here we are,  a community finding one another, here to grow and support one another as we look into a different world.

Thank you for coming to this Serene space. I hope you find a healing modality that intrigues you and resonates with your goals. I hope you find a group that you want to join as we rebuild a place of belonging for each of us. Thank you for supporting my dream and my vision for healing . Intentional Serenity is here for those who need HOPE.